Youth Ministry

For now, youth group, my main prayer and hope for them is that they'll truly understand who Jesus Christ and why we are living in the world and why the Gospel is so important. Also, to not only understand and realize, but to enjoy being a Child of God and their walk with our Lord. We have Sunday message followed by a time of forum, which the youth kids share about what they heard today and how God spoke to them while having snacks. Currently, for the summer, we are reading a book together called the 7 habits of highly successful teens. I think having good habits and good foundation is very important as well. In addition, we try to have one youth group activity every month. Some past activities include: grocery delivery to senior citizens, sleep overs, bowling, thanksgiving dinners, Christmas activities, movie nights. I believe these are important for bonding and fellowship in Christ. We hope to do more volunteering type of activity to show the youth how fortunate they are and to give them opportunities to help others.